Just the two of us.

     Eph and Rocel has been friends since they were in high school, so when they heard that Rocel and I started our own studio last year they were excited to book us for a pre-engagement session. Whats a pre-engagement session you ask? Well its sort of an engagement session but the couple we are shooting are not really engaged yet.

     So, Eph has not really asked the big question yet but they have been together for a while now. Like most couples their photos together are mostly selfies and cellphone photos taken by their friends. They wanted a few keepsakes that they can post in their rooms and post in their social media sites that has a little bit more quality in them. That's how we came up with the pre-engagement package that we happily offered to them.

     For Eph and Thea's shoot they wanted to show what they are like as a couple. That both of them are home bodies and staying at home reading books and playing games at home are what they usually do when they are together. That's when I suggested that we do the entire shoot in a condo, a small living space where they can be comfortable with each other and do the things they usually do together. So, we rented a small condo that we found on air b&b that was owned by a very lively and helpful host named Noelle. From start to finish it was just pure fun. Eph kept on teasing Thea and kept her laughing the whole afternoon. Eph on the other hand was a little bit shy at first but got the hang of it after a few clicks. Smiling in front of the camera is not really as easy as one might imagine but we were able to get him comfortable after a few clicks. We ended the session with a dramatic under the covers kiss which came out amazing if I may say so myself. 

     To see more from this session just click on one of the photos and it will bring you to the gallery. 

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