FAQs - Ad Infinitum

Who are you guys?

We are Noel and Rocel friends and owners of Ad Infinitum DPP

We consider ourselves  story tellers first and photographers second.

Our goal is to tell your story through our photographs.

What equipment do you use?

While we believe that the story matters more than the the tool you use to tell it, we nonetheless use only the best gear from Nikon. 

We edit our photos using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Is the person I'm going to marry truly the person for me?

While I'm not an expert on the matters of love, my personal take on that matter is that when you no longer see yourself without that significant other in your future then maybe he or she is the right one for you or that you can fart freely in front of him or her without getting embarrassed. To each his own I guess.

Do you shoot outside the Philippines?

Yes, we do. We love traveling! We've had the pleasure of shooting couples in Dubai, Los Angeles, and most recently in Ireland.

Why don't you have packages for video?

It is a matter of expertise. This is what we are good at, we worked hard to hone our craft to the level that it is now.
While we don't have video packages we do have relationships with some of the best videographers in the Philippines. We will be glad to refer you to some of them.

What is the time frame when my images will be ready?

Weddings may take up to 6 weeks and Lifestyle sessions may take up to 2 weeks.

Once the photos are edited it will be uploaded to the client section of our page and can be viewed, downloaded and shared with friends and family. From there we will then begin doing the album which will take approximately 2 weeks from layout to printing. Your complete kit will be sent and delivered via LBC straight to your address 

What is your post-processing workflow?

1. Cull/hand-select the best images.

2. Adjust/correct the exposure for each image.

3. Color processing

4. Retouch if necessary.

5. Album design.

6. Package and delivery.

I'd like to edit my own images. Can I have the RAW files?

The short answer is no. 

We have a certain set of standard. If we are asked to photograph something we put a little bit of ourselves into each photo, which makes our work unique and distinctively our own.

Every image that comes out of our studio will be post-processed and delivered in .jpeg form, and we hold onto the copyright. 

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